Avoid Humiliation and Prolong Your Own Pleasure with Enlast

enlast creamMen worrying about how to live up to women expectations in bed is completely normal. Premature ejaculation is one thing, but according to studies even men with average ejaculation times reach orgasm way faster than females. Three minutes for an average male versus seven minutes for an average woman to be exact. Enlast desensitizing cream is something that could be used by a lot of men to avoid humiliation, prolong their own pleasure and greatly improve their intimate relationships. These are all extremely important things in people’s lives and this might be the reason why such products are gaining so much popularity lately.

What does Enlast desensitizing cream for premature ejaculation actually do and what are its characteristics?

  • As the name already suggests, this cream is used to reduce the sensitivity of male sexual organs before the intercourse.
  • Reduced sensitivity leads to prolonged time before ejaculation and slows the onset of it.
  • It was proven to be safe and effective to use with condoms.
  • All ingredients found in Enlast cream are approved by Food and Drug administration of the United States, therefore, it is completely free of dangerous and unhealthy elements and chemicals.

How is it used?

Enlast cream is applied to the shaft and head of a penis before getting into a sexual intercourse. Of course, every person is different and so is the sensitivity of their genitals. It means that the user of this desensitizing cream will have to experiment a little bit with it and the dosage. Finding the right balance is the key here because applying too much cream onto a not so sensitive genitals might result in having troubles to reach orgasm. On the other hand applying not enough might yield close to zero results and no effect in slowing the onset of ejaculation. It is also recommended to clean the penis after the intercourse. To learn how Enlast cream is used please visit http://www.enlastcream.com.

Is Enlast cream safe to use and are there any side effects?

It is proven that the cream does not have any side effects and none were documented during the tests. Enlast also went through all the quality inspection procedures performed by Food and Drug administration and received a good to go status. Not only is it safe to use by males, but also their female partners do not risk anything. This desensitizing cream could be used by men of all ages and it also showed its ability to maintain its effects even when using condoms, therefore it is a viable option for partners who like to stay safe during sex. You could buy Enlast cream via the official site.

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