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Best Kegel Exericises for Women

how to kegel-exercisesEvery woman, regardless of age and sexual activity, should regularly do Kegel exercises, because not only will you and your partner have better sexual experience, they will also help you in sexual health. When you perform a Kegel exercises, especially if you are currently not fit, do not force too much at once, and work too hard or too long, because there is a possibility that they will become too tense, which is not the goal. The goal is to be in shape and to perform its function properly. Women who regularly practice Kegel exercises, have enhanced blood flow to the pelvic area, which results in better sexual health and fuller sexual experience.

Also, these exercises are useful for the strengthening of the vagina muscles after giving birth and can help to women in trouble with incontinence in their older age. Remember that Kegel exercises do not involve the anal muscles, buttocks, muscles of the abdomen or thighs. Practice only the muscles of the pelvic rungs. During these exercises, it is not necessary to stop the breath. Repeat the exercise for a total of 10-15 times every time, it is not necessary to practice for more than five minutes. Now we will recommend the best Kegel exercises for women.
Exercise first – sitting position
Try to stop the flow of urine whenever urinating. If you do it, you’ve just used the correct muscle.
Exercise second – standing position
Imagine that you have to stop the winds and squeeze the muscles. If you have a sense of “withdrawal” muscle up, you’ve just identified another important sphincter to perform Kegel exercises.

Exercise third – lying position
Ask your doctor (or do this experiment yourself) to control the condition of your muscles of the pelvic rungs in a gynecological examination. If you feel the pressure on the finger which is in the vagina, you perform the exercises correctly.
Relaxing after exercise
After the exercise, do not forget to relax the muscles. Experience what it feels like when you totally relax.
Be assertive

Exercise three times a day and at the same time using all three positions: sitting, standing and lying. Exercising in all three positions most strengthens your vaginal muscles.

Be persistent
As is the case with any other physical exercises, take the time to see and feel the results of these exercises. Also, if you are not used to do Kegel exercises, there is a possibility that you forget them. These exercises are very practical and you can do them in bed, when you wake up or before going to sleep, during the holidays, in the car, at work, or simply when you think of sex. What is the best when it comes to these exercises is that nobody can see what you do and they should not interfere in the performance of any activity. With these best Kegel exercises for women you will restore functions of your bladder and rectum, and prevent long-term consequences of pelvic muscle weakness rungs.
However, we recommend you do these exercises in the privacy of your home, because they can cause sexual excitement in some people. Learn more on how to tighten a loose pussy here.